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How to use this site

1. Teachers create quizzes
Teachers create quizzes
2. Students take quizzes
Students take quizzes
3. Teachers review results
Teachers review results

- Features

Student and Classroom Management

Register students and define classrooms to be able to easily assign any quiz you create. Register as many teachers as you need. Teachers can manage their own classrooms.

Review Test Results

Get an overview of which questions students are struggling with, or drill down to the details of who answered which questions correctly or incorrectly, when and how.

Easy Access

No installation. No synchronization between devices. Directly access your quizzes with a simple, modern web application on an Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC by visiting ankimono.com on a browser.

* Mobile access is currently supported only with student features.

Test Anything

Teachers can create multiple choice questions to test anything from a variety of subjects, from foreign languages and history to math and science.

Questions with multiple answers are also supported.

Anywhere, Any Time

Students don't need to be in classrooms. Have them take quizzes anywhere, any time, from a smartphone or a laptop.

Simple and Efficient

All you need to do is to create quizzes and then assign them to classees. You'll see responses, with scores, as students complete quizzes, without all the hassle of printing, conducting, collecting, and evaluating quizzes.

Use Diagrams, Maps and Pictures

Quiz question with image Use diagrams, maps, and pictures freely in your questions, answers, and explanatory text. Images may be added either by creating links to external site images or by uploading your images to ankimono.

Format Content as You Wish

Quiz question with superscript and subscript The content of each quiz question is interpreted in a simple yet powerful markup language called Markdown, which allows you to easily create questions with bold text, super/sub-script, etc., tailored to your needs.